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U.K. Blocks Extradition of Alleged Sex Criminal

The British High Court blocked the extradition to Minnesota of Shawn Sullivan, a U.S. citizen accused of raping a 14-year-old girl and molesting two other underage girls in the 1990s.  The judges ruled that, because Minnesota's treatment program for sex offenders was too harsh.  The program allows judges in civil courts to commit peresons to the program, even if they have not been convicted of a crime or declared mentally ill.  Also, almost no one has ever been released from the program, the British court found.

British Director of Security Outlines Security Imperatives for the Olympics and Beyond

On June 25, 2012, Jonathan Evans, Director of the Security Service for the United Kingdom, gave the Inauguaral Defense and Security Lecture at the Lord Mayor's in London.  Mr. Evans address, among other things, security threats posed by the Olympics, terrorism, and cybersecurity.

IRS Announces Details on Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program

On June 26, 2012, the IRS announced details of its Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program by issuing a new set of Frequently Asked Questions. 

The IRS also issued two press releases.  In one  it announced that its Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program has resulted in the collection of more than $5 billion in back taxes, interest and penalties from 33,000 voluntary disclosures made under the first two programs. 

State Department Releases Trafficking in Persons Report 2012

The U.S. State Department has released its annual Trafficking in Persons Report for 2012. Secretary of State Clinton described the Report in a statement, saying "This Report is a guide for our work. In the past decade, a global community of governments, non-governmental organizations, and countless other institutions and individuals have brought attention to this often-hidden crime. Through the work of many, this Report provides a clear and sobering analysis of the state of modern slavery.

Assange Seeks Asylum in Ecuador Embassy

On June 19, 2012, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange sought political asylum at Ecuador's embassy in London.  The Ecuadorean foreign minister said it is studying and analyzing the request.  Assange has said the effort to extradite him is politically motivated.  Latin American countries have a history of awarding asylum.  The Ecuadorean government does not have close relations with the U.S.


Top Ex-Colombian Official Charged With Drug Running

Mauricio Santoyo Velasco, once a prominent Colombian general and head of security, has been indicted by the United States for taking bribes and exporting cocaine to the United States. He also disrupted DEA and other anti-drug operations by tipping off drug traffickers in advance.  Velasco was popular for the security gains under his command, but the military remained rife with corruption.

Assange's Appeal Rejected; Wikileaks Founder Faces Extradition

Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, will be extradited to Sweden, after his last appeal was rejected by Britain's Supreme Court.  Mr. Assange still has the option of appealing to the European Court of Human Rights.  Mr. Assange is accused of sexually assaulting two Swedish women.  The Supreme Court had earlier ruled against Mr. Assange on May 30th.

US and Peru Extend MOU to Protect Peruvian Cultural Property

On June 8, 2012, the Department of State announced the extension of the “Memorandum of Understanding Between the Government of the United States of America and the Government of the Republic of Peru Concerning the Imposition of Import Restrictions on Archaeological Material from the Pre-Hispanic Cultures and Certain Ethnological Material from the Colonial Period of Peru” (MOU). The Department of Homeland Security has published notification of the extended restrictions in the Federal Register, effective June 9, 2012.

World Bank Publishes Sanctions Board Decisions

The World Bank has decided to increase its transparency by publishing the recent decisions issued by the World Bank Sanctions Board.  The Board, established in 1999, has sanctioned over 500 groups for fraud and corruption, and has disbarred them from participating in World Bank-financed operations.  Seven decisions were issued in the most recent announcement.  The entire list can be found at 

Canadian Killer Arrested after International Manhunt

Luke Rocco Magnotta, a Canadian citizen, has been arrested by German police in Berlin.  Mr. Magnotta was sought for in connection with the murder of Jun Lin.  Mr. Magnotta also allegedly committed cannibalism, and mailed the severed limbs of Mr. Lin to Canadian police, which sparked international interest in the murder.  Mr. Magnotta fled Canada following the murder, but police identified him throguh fingerprint evidence as the killer.  Mr. Magnotta was arrested at a Berlin internet cafe, whose owner became suspicious when he recognized Mr. Magnotta's face. 


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