UK Accuses Second Suspect in 2007 Litvinenko Murder

British authorities have accused Dmitry Kovtun of murdering former KGB officer Alexander Litvinenko at a London hotel in May of 2007.  Mr. Kovtun is the second supsect named in the unusual death of Mr. Litvinenko, who was killed through exposure to radioactive polonium.  According to the Crown Prosecution Service, Mr. Kovtun, working with Andrei Lugovoi, slipped the radioactive element into Mr. Litvinenko's tea.  The Crown Prosecution Service has requested Mr. Kovtun's extradition from Russia, though the Russian government has showed no signs that it will cooperate.  Mr. Lugovoi, who has already been charged with the murder, is a minor celebrity in Russia due to the extradition request, and a sitting member of the Duma. Both men were former members of the KGB.

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