European Parliament Adopts Recommendation on the Negotiations for a Cooperation Treaty with Interpol

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Friday, July 15, 2022
Michael Plachta

On July 5, 2022, Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) approved a Recommendation to strengthen INTERPOL’s ability to stop authoritarian regimes abusing its tools.[1] The Recommendation, which sets out the Parliament’s positions on the EU’s cooperation agreement with INTERPOL, received overwhelming support from MEPs with 607 voting in favor, 13 against, and 11 abstentions. It highlights the need for more transparency and effective procedures to prevent Red Notice abuse.

* Professor Plachta specializes in criminal law and international criminal law. He has authored numerous publication on a wide range of problems concerning law enforcement and international cooperation in criminal matters. He currently teaches criminal law and European criminal law at the University of Security in Poznan, Poland.

[1] European Parliament recommendation of 5 July 2022 to the Council and the Commission on the negotiations for a cooperation agreement between the European Union and the International Criminal Police Organization (ICPO-INTERPOL) (2022/2025(INI)), P9_TA(2022)0275.