More Sanctions Targeting Venezuela’s Maduro Regime

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Saturday, March 9, 2019
Benjamin H. Flowe, Jr., John A. Ordway, Daniel Fisher-Owens, Babak Hoghooghi, Perry S. Bechky, Ray Gold, Jason A. McClurg and Michelle Turner Roberts

On January 25, 2019, President Trump signed Executive Order 13857, yet again escalating economic sanctions targeting the regime of Nicolas Maduro.  This is the latest in a string of sanctions against Venezuela, following just days after Juan Guaidó, President of the Venezuelan National Assembly, declared himself Interim President of Venezuela, with support from the United States and numerous other nations.  The Executive Order expands the scope of the definition of the “Government of Venezuela” to include “any person who has acted or purported to act directly or indirectly for or on behalf of” the Government of Venezuela, “including as a member of the Maduro regime,” thus paving the way toward new sanctions against any individual members of the Maduro regime.  This action raises the stakes for Maduro’s supporters even higher, as the Trump Administration threatens sanctions to encourage defections.