The International Enforcement Law Reporter was established by Bruce Zagaris, Esq., a noted expert on international law.

Since September 1985, the International Enforcement Law Reporter has provided its readers with analysis and insight into the premier developments in both the substantive and procedural aspects of international enforcement law.

The IELR has identified and predicted trends in legislative, administrative, and case law developments. Discussions are annotated to enable practitioners, policy makers, and academics to use the IELR as a reference tool and a guide to the practice of international enforcement law.

The IELR contains information on international organizations and developments in international enforcement law that have not reached the treaty or case law level, such as executive decisions in training and appropriations.

Contributors include practitioners, academics, and law enforcement officials.

The IELR is a monthly publication and is available in both print and electronic formats.

The IELR also boasts a partnership with the Utrecht Law Review (ULR), a freely accessible online journal which strives to offer a scientific platform for cross-border research in various branches of the legal arena, including private, criminal, Constitutional, administrative, European and public international law.  The intriguing connections made in articles published in the ULR enable the reader to experience an educated view of comparative law.  A further central strengthening feature of the ULR is its outstanding and versatile editorial board, which intensifies both the scientific and international components of the journal.  For more information and to register for the ULR, please visit http://www.utrechtlawreview.org/.

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