Hague Court Acquits Serb Nationalist Seselj

A U.N. war crimes tribunal acquitted ultranationalist politician Vojislav Seselj of atrocities on Thursday in a rare courtroom victory for a Serb defendant.  Seselj had been charged with crimes that included persecution, murder and torture and was facing a 28-year setnece for his support of Serb paramilitaries during the Balkan Wars in the early 1990s.  A three-judge panel's majority decision to acquit Seselj of all charges on the grounds that there was insufficient evidence linking him to the crimes sparked joy in Serbia and deep anger in Bosnia and Croatia.  Seselj, 61, was in fact not in The Hague for the ruling because he was allowed to return home in late 2014 due to his health being in poor condition.
-Margaux Glovier