French Journalist Is Detained at U.N. War Crimes Tribunal

This Thursday, security guards at the United Nations war crimes tribunal for the former Yugoslavia received an order from the court presidency to arrest a French journalist, Florence Hartmann.  Assisted by the Dutch police, the security guards arrested Ms. Hartmann despite the attempts of onlookers and Bosnian war victims to protect her.  Ms. Hartmann, a former correspondant for Le Monde, is currently locked up at the tribunal prison on the outskirts of the Hague to serve a pending seven-day sentence for a contempt of court conviction from 2009.  She was convicted for writing about how tribunal judges had agreed that sensitive records provided by Serbia could be used in closed sessions of the court but kept out of the public eye.  Ms. Hartmann defended her choice to publish information about the tribunal judges' decisions by claiming that victims had a right to know about the deal that kept the decisions confidential.  Nevertheless, she was arrested because of her references to the judges' confidential decisions. Ms. Hartmann is currently being kept on suicide watch as a standard operating procedure for arriving war criminals.  
- Margaux Glovier