European Commission’s Consultation on Changes to Europol's Mandate

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Wednesday, August 26, 2020
Michael Plachta and Kasia Guzior

On July 14, 2020, Europol released a document to Member State delegations in the Council's Law Enforcement Working Party (LEWP) setting out what it sees as the shortcomings in its current legal basis.[1] The document is intended to inform discussion on a forthcoming legal proposal that will give Europol more extensive powers.

* Professor Plachta specializes in criminal law and international criminal law. He has authored numerous publication on a wide range of problems concerning law enforcement and international cooperation in criminal matters. He currently teaches criminal law and European criminal law at the University of Security in Poznan, Poland.

** Kasia Guzior is a 2L law student at Mitchell Hamline in St. Paul, Minnesota.

[1] Europol's main operational considerations in light of the Europol Regulation, July 14, 2020, EDOC#111977v3,