Crime, Law Enforcement and Judicial System at Times of COVID-19 Pandemic

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Thursday, July 9, 2020
Michael Plachta

In June 2020, the Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime, an international civil society organization,[1] released a timely report focusing on crime in the COVID-19 pandemic.[2]

* Professor Plachta specializes in criminal law and international criminal law. He has authored numerous publication on a wide range of problems concerning law enforcement and international cooperation in criminal matters. He currently teaches criminal law and European criminal law at the University of Security in Poznan, Poland.

[1] The Global Initiative comprises a network of over 500 independent global and regional experts working on human rights, democracy, governance, and development issues where organized crime has become increasingly pertinent.

[2] COVID-19 and crime. A response develops at the UN, Policy brief, June 2020,