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Title Abstract Author Volume Issue Date Publishedsort ascending Geography Subject Areas
L.C. Green's Analysis of Recent Terrorist Scholarship Professor L.C. Green, Department of Political Science, University of Alberta in Edmonton, has forwarded the Reporter his article, "Terrorism and Its Responses," published in 8 Terrorism: An... Bruce Zagaris 1 3 1985-11-01 Canada Terrorism
U.S.-Bahamas Agreement for Interdicting Narcotics Trafficking On March 6, 1985, the Governments of the United States and The Bahamas concluded an agreement on the interdiction of narcotics trafficking.  The U.S. agrees to provide the Bahamian Government with... Bruce Zagaris 1 3 1985-11-01 Bahamas Drug Enforcement
PLI Holds Commodities Program with Many International Issues The Practicing Law Institute (PLI) presented a program on the Commodity Futures Trading Commission ("CFTC") in Washington, D.C. on October 30, 1985 which dealt with current issues facing the CFTC... Constantine G. Papavizas 1 3 1985-11-01 United States Law Enforcement
UN. Crime Committee Meets From August 16 to September 6, 1985, the Seventh United Nations Congress on the Prevention of Crime and Treatment of Offenders was held in Milan, Italy.   Bruce Zagaris 1 3 1985-11-01 Italy Law Enforcement
Senate Judiciary Considers US-UK Extradition Treaty Hearings on the Supplementary Treaty on Extradition Between the United States and the United Kingdom have been continuing.  On August 1, 1985, The Senate Committee on Foreign Relations held hearings... Bruce Zagaris 1 3 1985-11-01 Extradition
ABA Committee on International Courts Reports on Compulsory Jurisd. Anthony D'Amato, Chairman, Committee on International Courts, has submitted a report urging the United States to make a modified adherence to the general compulsory jurisdiction of the International... Bruce Zagaris 1 3 1985-11-01 Jurisdiction
Inter-American Center of Tax Administrators (CIAT) Activities A publication called "Tax Administration Review" is being published jointly by the Inter-American Center of Tax Administrators (CIAT) Executive Secretariat and the Institute of Fiscal Studies of... Bruce Zagaris 1 3 1985-11-01 Tax Enforcement
Congressional Hearings on the Mining of Nicaraguan Ports & Harbors Prints are now avaliable on the hearings and markup before th Committee on Foreign Affairs, House of Representatives on H. Con. Res, 290 concerning the mining of Nicaraguan ports and harbors. Bruce Zagaris 1 3 1985-11-01 Nicaragua Maritime
Inter-American Bar Association Conference Papers On the XXV Conference of the Inter-American Bar Association, in Acapulco, Mexico, several papers were submitted for the Committee on Criminal Law and Procedure.  Bruce Zagaris, the Committee's... Bruce Zagaris 1 3 1985-11-01 Law Enforcement
U.S.-Swiss 2d Round of Mutual Assist. Negotiations The Swiss daily Neue Zürcher Zeitung (#201, 1985) reported on September 1/2, 1985, on page 11, that the second round of talks between the Swiss and American judicial assistance authorities provides a... Bruce Zagaris 1 3 1985-11-01 Switzerland Mutual Legal Assistance
USAID Regional Administration of Justice Grant to ILANUD A current project for the Regional Administration of Justice grant to the United States International Development Cooperation Agency for International Development is described in a Project Paper.  A... Bruce Zagaris 1 3 1985-11-01 United States U.S. Federal Government
GAO Report on Nazi War Criminals On June 28, 1985, the GAO released a report, entitled "Nazis and Axis Collaborators Were Used to Further U.S. Anti-Communist Objectives in Europe-Some Immigrated to the United States".  After World... Bruce Zagaris 1 3 1985-11-01 Europe Holocaust
Accused Nazi War Criminal Extradited to Israel On November 1, 1985, the Department of Justice announced that the Sixth Circuit Court of Appelas rejected an effort by John Demjanjuk to avoid a request for extradition by the Israeli Government.  ... Bruce Zagaris 1 3 1985-11-01 Israel Extradition
U.S. Begins to Link Tax with Immigration Issues John Arrowsmith, Immigration Judge for the District of Columbia, has begun a policy of requiring all applicants for suspension of deportation and political asylum to present documentary evidence that... Bruce Zagaris 1 3 1985-11-01 United States Immigration
Ex-Yale Teacher Tried as a Nazi Collaborator On November 7, 1985, the trial of Vladimir Sokolov, began in the U.S. District Court in Waterbury, Connecticut, on charges that he willfully concealed his activites as a Nazi collaborator who wrote... Bruce Zagaris 1 3 1985-11-01 United States War Crimes
Netherlands Antilles Examines Future of Offshore Sector On November 15 and 16, 1985, several organizations in the Netherlands Antilles held programs on the future of the financial center of the Netherlands Antilles.  On November 15, 1985, the Vereniging... Bruce Zagaris 1 3 1985-11-01 Netherlands Antilles Offshore Banking
SEC Chief Speaks to Swiss on Insider Trading Gary Lynch, SEC Enforcement Head, visited the Swiss-American Chamber of Commerce, at the occasion of the second round of discussion between the two countries at the end of August, 1985.  In his... Bruce Zagaris 1 3 1985-11-01 Switzerland Trade Enforcement
Argentine Bank Secrecy: New Limitations on Bank Secrecy in Argentina After a parliamentary tug of war over several months, the Senate as the last instance approved a Government bill to severely restrict the bank and securities secrecy.  In the opinion of the... Bruce Zagaris 1 3 1985-11-01 Argentina Bank Secrecy
Denmark Decriminalizes and Makes Deductible Foreign Bribes As a result of a recent case in which Dancre Corp's was allowed a deduction against taxes of approximately $730,000 as a result of bribes it paid in Saudi Arabia, bribes made outside Denmark are... Bruce Zagaris 1 3 1985-11-01 Denmark Bribery
AID Draft Report Calls for $5.5 Million for Carrib. Admins Justice A draft proposal authored by Gerald Zarr, U.S. Agency for International Development (AID), entitled "The Rule of Law in the Commonwealth Caribbean: How Long Can the Machinery of Justice Run on Empty... Bruce Zagaris 1 3 1985-11-01 Caribbean Administration of Justice