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Title Abstract Authorsort ascending Volume Issue Date Published Geographic Identifier Subject Areas
U.S. Sanctions against Myanmar Receive a Mixed Reception On April 22, 1997, President Clinton announced the sanctioning of new U.S. investment in Myanmar, formerly known as Burma. In an Executive Order drafted by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC... Victoria Gotsch 13 7 1997-07-01 United States, Myanmar Human Rights, Drugs & Trafficking, Sanctions
The Spread of U.S.-Style Gangs: A New Threat to International Law Enforcement? The global proliferation of U.S.-style ethnic-orientated gangs has become a source of concern for U.S. and international law enforcement agencies. These gangs pose a new source of international... Victoria Gotsch 11 12 1995-12-01 United States, Mexico, Colombia, Belize, El Salvador Corruption, Customs Enforcement, Human Trafficking, Immigration, Murder, Arms Trafficking, Drugs & Trafficking, Organized Crime, International Cooperation, Law Enforcement, Deportation, Smuggle, Extortion
Two Asian Sex Trafficking Rings Dismantled as GAO Criticizes U.S. Anti-Trafficking Efforts Abroad In one week in August 2006, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement ("ICE"), the Federal Bureau of Investigation ("FBI"), and local law enforcement officials disrupted two separate sex trafficking... Victoria Gotsch 22 10 2006-10-01 United States, South Korea Human Trafficking, Organized Crime, Sex Crimes
Fiscal Year 2022 National Defense Authorization Act Contains Transnational Repression Accountability and Prevention Provision on Interpol Abuse On December 27, 2021, President Joe Biden signed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2022 (FY22) into law.[1] The NDAA contains Sec. 6503, “Transnational Repression... Uttam Dhillon and Dr. Ted R. Bromund 38 3 2022-02-25 United States Corruption, INTERPOL, Legislation
Germany: International Computer Crime Conference In October a four day international conference in field of information technology crime and criminal information law was held in the Germany university town of Würzburg. The conference was organized... Urich Wuermeling 8 10 1992-12-01 Germany Conferences, International Organizations, Privacy, Sanctions
The Status of Money Laundering Enforcement in the Isle of Man The Isle of Man, a dependency of the British Crown located in the center of the British Isles, has a long standing relationship with citizens of neighboring jurisdictions who seek a stable off-shore... Trifin J. Roule and Michael Salak 18 8 2002-08-01 Europe, Money Laundering, Bank Secrecy, Due Diligence, European Union
The Status of the Anti-Money-Laundering Regime in the Czech Republic The stable financial sector in the Czech Republic is an ideal location for the placement, layering and integration of illicit profits into numerous banking and non-banking financial institutions.... Trifin J. Roule and Michael Salak 18 9 2002-09-01 Europe, Czech Republic Money Laundering, Customs Enforcement, Human Trafficking, Arms Trafficking, Drugs & Trafficking, Organized Crime
Vanuatu’s Efforts to Enter the First-Rank of Off-Shore Laundering Centers Since the 1970s, Vanuatu, a Southern Pacific island chain with a population of some 190,000 citizens, has been a well-known tax haven. The economy of Vanuatu, which relies largely on sugar cane... Trifin J. Roule and Jason Venner 17 8 2001-08-01 Vanuatu Money Laundering, Corruption
Senate Begins Consideration of U.N. Drug Convention On August 2, 1989, the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations held a short initial hearing on the proposed ratification of the United Nations Convention Against Illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs and... Tracy A. Palmer and Constantine G. Papavizas 5 8 1989-08-01 United States Drug Enforcement
French Court Convicts Nazi for Crimes Against Humanity Aloïs Brunner, an old SS-officer was convicted of crimes against humanity by the Paris’ Assize Court on March 2, 2001. Brunner, one of the most sought after war criminals, of whom one does not know... Tom Scheirs 17 5 2001-05-01 France, Austria Human Rights, War Crimes
Accusations Against Israeli Prime Minister Urge Belgium to Rethink War Crimes Act A complaint against Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has caused unease in Belgian political and diplomatic circles. Based on the Belgian War Crimes Act, the complaint, which was introduced on May... Tom Scheirs 17 10 2001-10-01 Belgium, Middle East Human Rights, War Crimes
Swiss Military Supreme Court Confirms Conviction of Rwandan for War Crimes On April 27, 2001 the Swiss Military Supreme Court (Cour militaire de cassation) upheld the conviction of Fulgence Niyonteze for war crimes committed during the Rwandan genocide in 1994. The trial... Tom Scheirs 17 7 2001-07-01 Switzerland, Rwanda War Crimes, Genocide
ICTR Denies Judicial Review in Akayesu Case To recall: Jean-Paul Akayesu, the former mayor of Taba was found guilty by the ICTR of genocide, direct and public incitement to commit genocide and seven different counts of crimes against humanity... Tom Scheirs 17 7 2001-07-01 Rwanda Law of War, Genocide
ICTY Appeals Chamber Renders Judgement in Celebici Case On February 20, 2001, the Appeals Chamber of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former-Yugoslavia (ICTY) rendered its judgement in the case of Delalic, Mucic, Delic and Landzo – generally... Tom Scheirs 17 4 2001-04-01 Balkans Law of War, War Crimes, Prisoner Rights
French Investigating Judge Transfers Torture Case to Trial Court On May 28, 2001, the investigating judge at court of first instance (Tribunal de Grande Instance) of Montpellier issued an order to transfer the case of Ely Ould Dha to the Assize Court. Ely Ould Dha... Tom Scheirs 17 9 2001-09-01 France, Mauritania Human Rights
German Court Outlaws Foreign Nazi Websites On December 12, 2000 the Bundesgerichtshof – Germany’s Supreme Court – held that Germany’s domestic laws on Nazi propaganda are also applicable to web sites located on servers abroad, thus reversing... Tom Scheirs 17 3 2001-03-01 Germany Cybercrime
Relatives of Murdered Belgian Priests Initiate Criminal Investigation into Crimes Against Humanity while Spanish Court Dismisses Complaint of Rigoberta Menchu On December 2, 1999 Nobel Prize winner Rigoberta Menchu filed a complaint with the Spanish National Court of Justice. The complaint accuses eight Guatemalan military and political leaders – amongst... Tom Scheirs 17 3 2001-03-01 Belgium, Spain, Guatemala Human Rights
Belgium Condemns Four for Involvement in Rwandan Genocide On June 2, 2001 a Belgian court convicted four Rwandan nationals for their involvement in the 1994 genocide in their home country. They were found guilty of having committed serious violations of... Tom Scheirs 17 9 2001-09-01 Belgium, Rwanda Human Rights, War Crimes, Genocide
ICTY Convicts Three for Rape and Enslavement as Crime Against Humanity On February 22, 2001, the ICTY delivered its judgement in the Foca rape case. The judgement is of historic importance since it is the first time ever rape and enslavement were withheld as crimes... Tom Scheirs 17 6 2001-06-01 Balkans Human Rights, War Crimes
Scotland Yard to Open Investigation Against Saddam Hussein In the course of the month of April 2001, Lord Williams, the British Attorney General has asked Scotland Yard to start an investigation against Saddam Hussein, the Iraqi President and his Minister of... Tom Scheirs 17 6 2001-06-01 United Kingdom, Iraq War Crimes