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Title Abstract Authorsort ascending Volume Issue Date Published Geographic Identifier Subject Areas
Africa Becomes Part of the International Drug Trade The illicit drug trade and money laundering are usually perceived as problems related to the Americas, Europe and parts of Asia. Yet, in the 1990s, Africa is joining the chain of drug production,... Scott B. MacDonald 8 10 1992-12-01 Africa Border Security, Drugs & Trafficking, Law Enforcement, Smuggle
Central America’s “Northern Triangle” Drug Challenge Central America has the dubious distinction of having the world’s highest homicide rates.  Located between the Andean coca-producing fields and North America’s cocaine-consuming... Scott B. MacDonald 29 7 2013-07-01 Canada, Central America, Colombia, El Salvador, European Union, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, United States, Venezuela Drug Enforcement, Drugs & Trafficking
Cayman Islands Promulgates Regulations to Implement Tax Information Exchange Agreement In November 2001, the United States signed a Tax Information Exchange Agreement (“TIEA”) with the Cayman Islands to facilitate the provision of tax information. The TIEA was originally scheduled to... Scott A. Harty 23 1 2007-01-01 Cayman Islands Bank Secrecy, Taxation, White Collar Crime, Privacy
Salvadoran Supreme Court Releases Nine Former Officials Indicted in Spain for 1989 Jesuits Massacre; U.S. Arrests a Tenth for Immigration Fraud On August 24th, 2011, the Supreme Court of El Salvador ordered the release of nine former military officials held pursuant to arrest warrants and INTERPOL Red Notices issued by the Spanish National... Scott A. Gilmore 27 11 2011-11-01 United States, El Salvador Extradition, Jurisdiction, International Cooperation, International Law, Targeted Killings, INTERPOL
Nigerian Man Extradited to United States for $32 Million Law Firm Fraud Scheme On August 11th, 2011, Nigeria extradited to the United States a suspect accused of defrauding $32 million from more than 80 U.S. and Canadian law firms in a transnational debt collection scam. In... Scott A. Gilmore 27 10 2011-10-01 United States, Japan, Nigeria, South Korea, Canada Money Laundering, Counterfeiting, Extradition, Fraud, FATF
U.S. Extradites Former Peruvian Military Officer to Stand Trial for 1985 Accomarca Massacre On July 14th, 2011, the United States extradited a Peruvian former military officer on charges of crimes against humanity arising from the “Accomarca massacre” on August 14, 1985. Arriving in Lima,... Scott A. Gilmore 27 10 2011-10-01 United States, Peru Extradition, War Crimes, Treaties, Crimes against Humanity, International Law, International Crimes
Criminal Liability of Legal Entities Until recently, only individuals were subject to criminal liability in Switzerland. Now, as of 1 October 2003, business enterprises, including legal entities, can be punished and fined for criminal... Schellenberg Wittmer 20 4 2004-04-01 Switzerland White Collar Crime
Billions of Dollars Set to Venezuelan Humanitarian Fund as Refugee Migration Reaches New Records On November 26th, the Unitary Platform and Maduro government reached an agreement to request that billions of dollars that have been frozen abroad be funneled to the United Nations (UN)... Savannah Telfer 38 12 2022-12-09 Venezuela United Nations
Haitian ex-Mayor Found Guilty in U.S. Civil Suit, Required to Pay $15.5 Million in Damages The jury found Jean Morose Viliena, a former Haitian mayor, guilty in the U.S. District Court in Boston on March 21st and ordered him to pay $15.5 million in damages.  Viliena was charged... Savannah Telfer 39 4 2023-03-31 Haiti, United States Human Rights, Torture
Bolivia Held Responsible in Forced Disappearance Case and Ordered to Release Archived Military Documents On  January 20th, 2023, the Bolivian government was found responsible for the forced disappearance of Juan Carlos Flores Bedregal and found in violation of human rights laws for withholding... Savannah Telfer 39 2 2023-02-03 Bolivia Human Rights
“El Abusador” Pleads Guilty to Trafficking Multi-Tons of Cocaine into the United States Dominican drug lord Cesar Emilio Peralta-Adamez plead guilty to importing shipments of cocaine into the United States on November 4, 2022.[1]  A Federal Grand Jury first indicted Peralta in... Savannah Telfer 38 12 2022-11-23 Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, United States Drug Enforcement, Drugs & Trafficking, Money Laundering
German Bank Returns Kandinsky Painting Sold at 1940 Auction to Jewish Heirs The German government advisory panel said Colorful Life, a Kandinsky painting displayed in the Lenbachhaus, should be returned to the family who owned it prior to World War II. The government panel’s... Savannah Telfer 39 9 2023-08-11 Germany, Netherlands Art and Cultural Property, Asset Forfeiture
UN Peacekeeping Forces in Sierra Leone Encounter Difficulty as UN Approves Diamond Certification The latest difficulty to plague the peacekeeping forces in Sierra Leone occurred on September 20, 2000 when India announced it would be gradually withdrawing troops from Unamsil (United Nations... Sashikala Selvendran 16 11 2000-11-01 Sierra Leone, India United Nations, War Crimes
Panel Recommends UN Reforms to and Expansion of Peacekeeping Department On August 23, 2000 an international expert panel submitted a report to Secretary-General Kofi Annan urging the United Nations (UN) to strengthen and upgrade peacekeeping operations through the growth... Sashi Selvendran and Bruce Zagaris 16 10 2000-10-01 World National Security, United Nations
Security Council to Expand Role of Women in Peace and Security Operations On October 31, 2000 the Security Council of the United Nations adopted Resolution 1325 (2000) calling for an broadened role for women in the decision-making process of peace-building, the resolution... Sashi Selvendran 17 1 2001-01-01 World United Nations
UN Report Links Liberian President with Illicit Diamond Trade and Rebels in Sierra Leone while UN Peacekeeping Forces Struggle to Keep Order On January 5, 2001 the Security Council encouraged all Member States to enforce the embargo of illicit diamonds from Sierra Leone following a UN report exposing widespread violations of the embargo... Sashi Selvendran 17 2 2001-02-01 World, Sierra Leone Economic Sanctions, United Nations
Selected International Enforcement Provisions in the 1990 Crime Bill The 1990 Crime Bill contains several provisions that have an impact on international enforcement law.  Sarah Barber and Bruce Zagaris 6 11 1990-11-01 United States Legislation
Japan Surrenders in Hawksbill Turtle Debate Bowin to the pressure from the Interior and Commerce Department, Japan announced on May 17, 1991 that it will halt all importation of hawksbill sea turtle shells.  The Interior and Commerce... Sarah Barber 7 6 1991-06-01 Japan, United States International Cooperation, Trade Enforcement, Wildlife, Wildlife Smuggle
Focus on Diminished Ability of Panama Government in Combatting Illicit Transnational Narcotics and Related Activities A recent GAO report on narcotics control efforts in Panama has asserted that drug related activity in Panama may have actually increased since the end of Operation Just Cause which removed government... Sarah Barber 7 8 1991-08-01 Panama, United States Drug Enforcement, Drugs & Trafficking, Jurisdiction
Canadian Government Proposes to Amend the Appeal Process to Reduce Delays under the Extradition Act On July 10, 1991, The Minister of Justice and Attorney GEneral of Canada, the Honorable Kim Campbell, released proposed changes to Canada's Extradition ACt which are designed to reduce delays in... Sarah Barber 7 8 1991-08-01 Canada Extradition