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Maltese Terrorism Trial Ends with 25-Year Sentence On November 1, 1988, hijacker Omar Mohammed Ali Rezaq pleaded guilty before a Criminal Court in Malta to seven criminal charges, including murder and attempted murder.  The next day, he was sentenced... Susan H. Steer 4 12 1988-12-01 Malta Terrorism
Kennedy and Leach Introduce Resolution in Support of the International Criminal Court On Wednesday, July 30, 1997 Congressman Patrick Kennedy (D-RI) and Congressman Jim Leach (R-IA) introduced at a press conference House Joint Resolution 89 (H.J. Res. 89) which calls "on the President... Steven Gerber 13 9 1997-09-01 United States Law of War, International Courts
Status of Negotiations to Establish an International Criminal Court The year 1997 was a watershed one for the attempt to establish a permanent International Criminal Court to try individuals accused of committing genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity.... Steven Gerber 14 3 1998-03-01 World War Crimes, Genocide, International Courts, Crimes against Humanity
Bill Imposing Tougher Sanctions Against South Africa Progresses In February 1987, Representative Ron Dellums (D-CA) and Senator Alan Cranston (D-CA) introduced HR.1589 and S.556 to impose comprehensive sanctions against South Africa.  The bills would amend the... Steve Smith 4 8 1988-08-01 South Africa Human Rights
Omnibus Drug Bill Passes and Has International Implications The "Omnibus Drug Initiative Act of 1988" (HR 5120) (hereinafter "The Act") passed the House by a vote of 375-30 on September 22, 1988.  The Act is an attempt by Congress to curb what many feel is... Steve Smith 4 9 1988-09-01 United States Drugs & Trafficking
MLATs Clear The Senate Foreign Relations Committee, But The Session Expires Without Their Ratification On September 27, 1985, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee reported out six Mutual Legal Assistance Treaties (hereinafter MLATs) between the United States and six other nations.  The treaties with... Steve Smith 4 10 1988-10-01 United States Mutual Legal Assistance
9th Circuit Declares Rights of Foreign Nationals When Searched Abroad- U.S. v. Verdugo-Urquidez In a recent decision the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, in a 2-1 vote, affirmed the decision by the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of California, which extended the... Steve Smith 4 12 1988-12-01 United States Human Rights
Immunity Granted for U.S. Defendants in Libyan Suit An action brought by 55 Libyan citizens to recover damages for death, personal injury and the destruction of property occurring in the course of air strikes by U.S. military forces on targets in... Stephen Gardner 5 2 1989-02-01 Libya Immunity
Convictions Upheld in Coast Guard's $42 Million Drug Bust The United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit upheld the convictions of three out of four defendants that were charged with aiding and abetting the possession of marijuana with intent to... Stephen Gardner 5 2 1989-02-01 United States Drug Enforcement
Canadian Court Orders McVey Extradition In a decision handed down on August 5, 1988, the Supreme Court of British Columbia has ordered Charles Julius McVey, also known as Carlos Williams, to be extradited to the United States. Stephen D. McCreary 4 10 1988-10-01 Canada Extradition
Italian Anti-Mafia Legislation Affecting Business Activities Originally a local, criminal phenomenon, the Mafia has now become an international entrepreneur doing business worldwide. Relations among Mafia groups located in different countries are more frequent... Stephano Agostini 11 4 1995-04-01 United States, Colombia, Italy, Russia Money Laundering, Corruption, Jurisdiction, Murder, Kidnaping, Drugs & Trafficking, Organized Crime, Fraud, Sanctions, International Cooperation, Law Enforcement, Economic Crimes, Financial Supervision, Banking Supervision, Extortion
Implementation in France of the OECD Convention on Combatting Bribery of Foreign Public Officials The convention on combatting bribery of foreign public officials in international business transactions signed on 17 December 1997 (the "OECD Convention") is now implemented in France. The law... Stephane Bonifassi 17 1 2001-01-01 France Corruption, Bribery
The new “Sapin II” French anti-corruption law On November 8th, 2016, the French Parliament adopted a law intended to increase transparency, fight corruption, and help modernize the economy, known as the Sapin II law. The law was then reviewed by... Stephane Bonifassi 33 1 2017-01-06 France Corruption, Prosecution
Kommentar: Einziehung-Organisiertes Verbrechten-Geldwascherei Band II The work on ?confiscation-organized crime-money laundering? according to the law of Switzerland had been unfinished since 1998 when its first volume was published. The second volume presented here... Stephan T. Meyer 18 11 2002-11-01 Switzerland Money Laundering, Bank Secrecy, Taxation
Mutual Evaluation: An Approach to Achieving Fairness and Progress in Implementing International Agreements The globalization of commerce, trade, and financial services places significant pressure on international efforts to address complex issues. The challenge is not simply adopting the best policies but... Stanley E. Morris 15 7 1999-07-01 World International Organizations
Cross-border Money Movements are Target of Government Investigation in Brazil The Brazilian Central Bank, the Internal Revenue Service and the Federal Police are divided according to the amount of control the government should exercise over money flowing to and from Brazil...(... Sônia Cristina R. da Rocha 11 12 1995-12-01 Canada, United States, Brazil, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Italy, Netherlands, Russia, Cayman Islands, Luxembourg, Sweden Money Laundering, Bank Secrecy, Taxation, Drugs & Trafficking, Tax Enforcement, International Cooperation, Tax Crimes, Financial Crimes, International Banking Supervision, Financial Supervision, Banking Supervision
U.S. Trial Exposes Guyana’s Internal Political Conflicts and International Enforcement Issues On June 15th, 2006, Shaheed “Roger” Khan was arrested in Suriname, in a law enforcement operation that resulted in the seizure of 213 kilograms of cocaine. The Surinamese government then transported... Shujaat Khan 25 12 2009-12-01 United States, Guyana Administration of Justice, Intelligence, Murder, Drugs & Trafficking, Organized Crime, Drug Enforcement
Hong Kong Cooperates with Europe on Illegal Immigrants Hong Kong immigration controls are considered effective by many countries, mainly because the use of Hong Kong as a springboard to illegally enter countries in Europe and America has diminished... Sharla Leigh Evert 10 1 1994-01-01 United States, Europe, Hong Kong Immigration, International Cooperation, Smuggle, Border Security
Communist Extradition Causes a Political Storm in Belarus On January 15, 1994, Belarus extradited Mykolas Burokevicius and Juozas Jarmalavicius, leaders of the underground Lithuanian Communist Party, to Lithuania. Lithuanian and Belarussian officials... Sharla Leigh Evert 10 2 1994-02-01 Belarus, Lithuania Extradition, Treaties
Ukrainian-American Group Challenges Constitutionality of OSI?s Enforcement of Holtzman Amendment The American Ukrainian Political Action Council (AUPACUS) filed a lawsuit on January 3, 1994, to enjoin the Department of Justice (DOJ), the Office of Special Investigations (OSI), and the... Sharla Leigh Evert 10 2 1994-02-01 United States, Ukraine Human Rights, Immigration, Treaties