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Kimche Reprieve Raises Jurisdiction & Immunity Questions On May 21, 1987, the Israel government successfully delayed independent counsel Lawrence E. Walsh's attempt to obtain grand jury testimony and enforcement of its subpoena of David Kimche, formerly a... Bruce Zagaris 3 5 1987-05-01 Israel Jurisdiction
Congressional Committee Urges Improved Management of Drug War A report issued by the Committee on Government Operations on June 25, 1987 urges improved management for the U.S. Government’s enforcement of its anti-narcotics policies. Bruce Zagaris 3 8 1987-08-01 United States Drug Enforcement
Abdallah Stands Trial and Is Sentenced to Life Imprisonment On January 28, the French Chamber of Accusation of the Court of Appeal of Paris rendered a decision ordering Georges Ibrahim Abdallah to stand trial for complicity in the 1982 assassinations of... Bruce Zagaris 3 2 1987-02-01 France Terrorism
Swiss Supreme Court Rules Geneva Bank Accounts in the Irangate Affair Must Be Opened to U.S. Investigators The long standing tensions between Switzerland and the U.S. relating to judicial assistance seem to have come to a close.  The Swiss Government has announced that starting October 1, 1987, the... Peter Schibli, Basel (Switzerland) 3 8 1987-08-01 Switzerland Banking Supervision
State Dept Briefing on International Enforcement of US Narcotics Laws On February 27, 1987, the U.S. Department of State, the International Law Section of The Federal Bar Association, and the Inter-American Bar Foundation held a briefing on "Legal Aspects of... Bruce Zagaris 3 3 1987-03-01 United States Drug Enforcement
Bahamas Government Reportedly Commits to Signing MLAT with US According to a news report, Carol Hallet, the newly appointed U.S. Ambassador to the Bahamas, says the Bahamas Government has committed itself to signing a treaty of Mutual Legal Assistance with the... Bruce Zagaris 3 1 1987-01-01 Bahamas Adjective Enforcement
U.S. Aid to Security Forces of El Salvador Reduced Because of Human Rights Violations On August 31, the Reagan Administration informed Congress that it intended to provide $9.1 million in aid, including weapons and training, to the security forces of El Salvador.  This assistance... Dan Cohen 3 10 1987-10-01 El Salvador Human Rights
Book Review: Coping With U.S. Export Controls by Evan R. Berlack, Cecil Hunt and Terence Roche Murphy (eds.) Substantial sanctions and penalties await the violator of the Export Administration Act.  Compliance with the Act and its regulations is difficult to achieve.  This book addresses comprehensively the... Clemens J.M. Kochinke 3 3 1987-03-01 United States Export Enforcement
U.N. Commission on Narcotic Drugs Work on Draft Convention It has been brought to our attention that the General Assembly expressly mandated the Commission to prepare a preliminary draft convention against the illicit traffic in narcotic drug and... Bruce Zagaris 3 1 1987-01-01 World Drug Enforcement
Constitutionality of Prohibiting PLO Facilities in the U.S. The proposed "Anti-Terrorism Act of 1987", S.1203, is not violative of constitutional standards, and therefore is legally permissible in its content and purpose.  There is no comparable statute... Dr. Robert A. Freidlander 3 11 1987-11-01 United States Counter-terrorism
Diplomatic Immunity Issues Cause Tensions between the U.K. and Iran Diplomatic tension soared during June within the spehere of UK-Iran relations over the classic public international law issue of the applicability of immunity for diplomats.  Problems began in early... Teri Simmons 3 6 1987-06-01 Iran Immunity
Holocaust and Human Rights Laws The trials of Nazi persecutors have redefined municipal and international legal responses to atrocities committed by oppressive regimes.  The Nuremberg tribunals and domestic trials in Europe, North... Leon Rodriguez 3 4 1987-04-01 Holocaust
EPA Fines U.S. Importer for Failure to File Import Notices On October 30, 1987, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) assessed a $84,000 penalty against Albright & Wilson, Inc., a chemical manufacturer based in Richmond, Virginia for failing to file... Bruce Zagaris 3 12 1987-12-01 United States Environment
GAO Reports Shows Criminal Aliens Deported not Listed in INS Info System A report of the General Accounting Office, entitled "Criminal Aliens Majority Deported From the New York City Area Not Listed in INS' Information Systems" (March 1987) indicates that the names and... Bruce Zagaris 3 7 1987-07-01 United States Immigration
Canada Ambassador Asserts Immunity to Subpoena in Deaver Case Just as the U.S. District Court had handed down a reprieve temporarily for Mr. Kimche to testify in the grand jury investigations in Iran-contra criminal investigations, another case was highlighting... Bruce Zagaris 3 5 1987-05-01 Canada Immunity
U.S. Treasury Announces that Grenada Exchange Agreement in Effect On July 23, 1987, the Treasury Department announced the entry into force of an information exchange agreement with the Government of Grenada.   Bruce Zagaris 3 8 1987-08-01 Grenada Tax Enforcement
INTERPOL's New International Terrorism Group Takes Active Role Terrorism is a continual threat to governments and people throughout the world.  Until recently, INTERPOL has had a "hands-off" policy with terrorism, leaving terrorism law enforcement decisions to... Bruce Zagaris 3 2 1987-02-01 INTERPOL
Judge Robert Bork on International Human Rights Enforcement As Congress prepares for the battle over the nomination of Robert Bork to the Supreme Court, various interest groups, both for and against the nomination are carefully scrutinizing Judge Bork’s... Jay A. Rosenthal, Esq. 3 8 1987-08-01 United States Human Rights
1st Int'l Narcotics Certification Report Released by State Dept. On March 2, 1987, the U.S. Department of State Bureau of International Narcotics Matters (INM) issued its first certification report, entitled "International Narcotics Control Strategy Report (INCSR... Bruce Zagaris 3 3 1987-03-01 United States Drug Enforcement
U.S. Customs Cancels Proposed Remote TV System on Canadian Border The border between Maine and Canada was to be the site for an elaborate cost-cutting program.  The U.S. Customs Service was putting together the "Northern Border Enhancement" which reportedly... Peter Brown 3 1 1987-01-01 United States Customs Enforcement