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Title Abstract Authorsort ascending Volume Issue Date Published Geographic Identifier Subject Areas
Sweden Release Ex-CIA Agent On August 25, 1992, Swedish authorities released from custody Edward Lee Howard, the only former Central Intelligence Agency officer to defect to the Soviet Union, thereby frustrating again the... 8 9 1992-09-01 Russia, Sweden, United States Central Intelligence Agency, Espionage, Extradition, Fugitive, Investigation, Treaties
Canada Ministry of Justice Hosts European Ministers On June 16-19, the Honorable Kim Campbell, Minister of Justice and Attorney General of canada hosted the Minsiters of Justice from the Council of Europe during their annual meeting that took place at... 7 6 1991-06-01 Canada, Europe INTERPOL, International Cooperation, International Crimes
ROUTLEDGE HANDBOOK OF TRANSNATIONAL CRIMINAL LAW (Neil Boister and Robert J. Currie, ed.), Routledge 458 pp. 2015 – A Review 2015-12-22 Book Review, International Crimes, International Law
Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee Makes Significant Findings and Recommendations on the BCCI Affair On October 1, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee’s Subcommittee on Terrorism, Narcotics and International Operations released a 780-page report on BCCI that contains substantial criticisms of the... 8 10 1992-10-01 United States Arms Trafficking, Bribery, Financial Crimes, Fraud, Immigration, Money Laundering, Smuggle, Terrorism
Luxembourg Defers Signing The Mutual Assistance in Tax Convention Pending A Decision to Enact Legislation to Lift Bank Secrecy A report of Commission of Financial Affairs of the Lower House Luxemboug states that Luxemboug is prepared to sign the Council of Europe and OECD Convention on Mutual Administrative Assistance in Tax... 7 9 1991-09-01 Luxembourg Bank Secrecy, Mutual Legal Assistance
U.S. Diplomat Incurs Fine for Illegal Ivory Imports On December 10, 1992, the U.S. District Court in Baltimore imposed a fine of $1,000 on Kenneth A. Loff, who pled guilty to bringing hundreds of pieces of banned ivory into the U.S. from his... 8 10 1992-12-01 Africa, United States Penalties, Wildlife Smuggle
House of Commons Report on BCCI Urges Regulatory Reforms While Liquidator Issues Accusations Against 1986 Auditors On March 11, the House of Commons Treasury and Civil Service Committee report, entitled Banking Supervision and BCCI: International and National Regulation, recommended supervisory reform. The... 8 3 1992-03-01 United Kingdom Banking Supervision, Regulation
Caribbean and Americas Anti-Money Laundering Programs Progress Significant progress is occuring on anti-money laundering enforcement efforts in the Caribbean and the Americas generally. 7 12 1991-12-01 Caribbean, United States International Cooperation, Money Laundering
U.S. Mexico Environmental Enforcement Cooperation Will Be Enhanced On February 25, the United States and Mexican Governments released a review of U.S.-Mexico environmental issues which contains discussions on developments in environmental enforcement cooperation.... 8 3 1992-03-01 Mexico, United States Environment, International Cooperation, Training
Oversight Hearings on Operations of the Border Patrol On August 5, 1992, the Committee on the Judiciary, Subcommittee on International Law, Immigration and Refugees held an Oversight Hearing on the Operations of the Border Patrol. This article... 8 9 1992-09-01 United States Border Security, Drug Enforcement, Human Rights, Immigration, Legislation
Abu Dhabi Finally Agrees on Limited Cooperation in BCCI Investigation As the United States and British legislative branches issue reports on the problems that led to the Bank of Credit and Commerce International collapse and fraud, money laundering, bribery and other... 8 10 1992-10-01 United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States Bribery, Fraud, Investigation, Money Laundering
IRS Starts International Compliance Analysis Division On August 28, the Internal Revenue Service annoucned the establishment of a Compliance Analysis Division within the Office of the Assistant Commissioner (International) to identify global economic... 7 9 1991-09-01 United States Tax Crimes, Tax Enforcement, Tax Havens
Research Perspectives on International Criminal Law The phrase “international criminal law” was coined by Jeremy Bentham in 1820. The very existence of such a branch of the law remained controversial until recently. It is hardly questionable today... 9 6 1993-06-01 World Drugs & Trafficking, Extradition, Genocide, Human Rights, International Criminal and Comparative Law, Jurisdiction, Money Laundering, Taxation, Terrorism
Stowaways – Threatening to Become an Epidemic Stowaways, we are warned, are fast becoming a problem of epidemic proportions. Whether opportunist individuals seeking a better life elsewhere or the product of elaborate collective crime systems,... 8 10 1992-12-01 World Border Security, Maritime
Swiss Government Implements Tightened Anti-Money Laundering Law On February 4, 1992, the Swiss Government’s Banking Commission promulgated new guidelines effective May 1 pursuant to a Swiss law that was enacted in 1990. Under the law, Swiss banks must investigate... 8 3 1992-03-01 Switzerland Banking Supervision, Financial Crimes, Investigation, Legislation, Money Laundering, Regulation
Trade Bill to Provide Andean Preferences Passes On the eve of the Congressional recess, both houses approved by voice vote the conference agreement on a bill, HR 1724, that will provide trade preferences to Andean countries. The new law extends to... 7 12 1991-12-01 Colombia, Peru, United States Drug Enforcement, Drugs & Trafficking, Trade Enforcement, Treaties
UN Security Council Adopts Two Resolutions on Counter-Terrorism On December 21, 2017, the United Nations Security Council adopted two resolutions addressing various aspects of counter-terrorism. The first resolution concerns foreign terrorist fighters (FTFs)... 2018-01-12 Counter-terrorism
EC Adopts Consolidated Bank Supervision Plan On April 6, the European Community ministers adopted a directive requiring banking supervisors to apply key prudential standards on a consolidated basis to a whole bank holding company group, as... 8 4 1992-04-01 Europe Banking Supervision, Money Laundering, Regulation
Chief of U.S. Terrorism and Violent Crimes Section Reviews Activities On January 14, 1992, Jerry Reynolds, Chief, Terrorism and Violent Crimes Section, U.S. Department of Justice, reviewed the work of his group. The section was established in June 1991. Much of the... 8 3 1992-03-01 United States Corruption, Drugs & Trafficking, Investigation, Jurisdiction, Money Laundering, Organized Crime, Piracy, Terrorism, Violence
U.S. and Mexico Hold 12th Annual Attorney General Border Conference On September 9 – 11, 1992, the United States-Mexico Twelfth Annual Attorneys General Border Conference discussed recent successes in implementing the Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters Treaty and... 8 9 1992-09-01 Mexico, United States Asset Forfeiture, Border Security, Conferences, Drugs & Trafficking, Environment, Money Laundering, Mutual Legal Assistance, Training