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Yugsolav Government Delivers ICTY Indictment to Milosevic On May 3, 2001, the Yugoslav Government delivered to Slobodan Milosevic an arrest warrant and a list of war crimes charges against him after the International Tribunal for War Crimes in the Former... Tom Scheirs 17 6 2001-06-01 Balkans Corruption, War Crimes
ICTY Renders Judgement in Kordic and Cerkez Case On February 26, 2001, the ICTY sentenced Dario Kordic and Mario Cerkez to 25 and 15 years of imprisonment respectively. The accused were found guilty of having committed crimes against humanity,... Tom Scheirs 17 6 2001-06-01 Balkans Human Rights, War Crimes
Belgium Issues International Arrest Warrant for Congolese Minister of Foreign Affairs On April 11, 2000 a Belgian investigating magistrate issued an international warrant for the arrest of the Congolese minister of foreign affairs Abdoulaye Yerodia Ndombasi. Tom L.W. Scheirs 16 8 2000-08-01 Belgium Arrest
Supervisory Committee Issues First Report on OLAF and Warns of Operational Problems At the end of its first year of operation, the Supervisory Committee for OLAF – the European Union’s Anti-Fraud Office – has issued its first annual report. This report, apart from evaluating the... Tom L.W. Scheirs 16 11 2000-11-01 Europe European Union, Fraud
ICJ Instructs Belgium to Cancel International Arrest Warrant Against Former Congolese Minister of Foreign Affairs On February 14, 2002, the International Court Justice rendered it judgement in the case of the Democratic Republic of Congo v. the Kingdom of Belgium. The Court deemed that the international arrest... Tom L.W. Scheirs 18 4 2002-04-01 United States, Belgium Human Rights, Jurisdiction, Law of War, War Crimes, International Courts
Central African Republic?s President Accused of Crimes Against Humanity While Opponent Finds Refuge in Chad In November 2001, nine members of the indigenous Yakoma tribe filed a compliant with a Belgian investigating magistrate against the President of the Central African Republic, Agne-Felix Patasse. The... Tom L.W. Scheirs 18 1 2002-01-01 Central African Republic Extradition, Jurisdiction, War Crimes
Bolivia Convicts Belgian Miner for Illicit Import and Possession of Drug Precursor Chemicals On July 18, 2003 a La Paz court convicted Belgian miner Guillaume Roelants and several of his employees for illicit import and possession of sulphuric acid. Officials allege that the acid was being... Tom L.W. Scheirs 19 10 2003-10-01 Bolivia, Belgium Drugs & Trafficking
EU Council Recommends Enhanced Cooperation Between Member States to Combat Illicit Trafficking in Precursor Chemicals In a recommendation dated April 25, 2002, the Council of the European Union recommends its Member States to enhance the cooperation and exchange of information between their operational units... Tom L.W. Scheirs 18 12 2002-12-01 Europe European Union, Drugs & Trafficking
Belgium Opens Investigation into Alleged Human Rights Violations by Former On March 2nd 2000, Belgian investigating magistrate Damien Vandermeersch announced his intention to investigate a complaint against former Iranian president Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani. Rafsanjani... Tom L.W. Scheirs 16 6 2000-06-01 Belgium, Iran Human Rights, Torture
Rwandan President Accused of Crimes Against Humanity (XIA) On 30th March 2000, Bernard Ntuyahaga brought a complaint against Rwandan president ad interim Paul Kagame before a Belgian investigating magistrate. The 38-page complaint contains allegations of... Tom L.W. Scheirs 16 6 2000-06-01 Belgium, Rwanda Human Rights, Terrorism
Bolivia Arrests Belgian Miner for Illegal Import and Possession of Drug Precursors During the last week of August, the Bolivian police arrested a Belgian citizen on counts of illegal import and possession of sulphuric acid. The man, previously an employee of a Belgian humanitarian... Tom L.W. Scheirs 16 11 2000-11-01 Bolivia, Belgium, Chile Customs Enforcement, Drugs & Trafficking
Revised anti-bribery and corruption law – Increased duties for companies and boards of Directors On July 1, 2016 revised rules on anti-bribery and corruption law entered into force in Switzerland. The revisions aim at improving the basis to combat corruption in the business sector (so-called... Tino Gaberthüel, Harold Frey, Miguel Oural, and Fedor Poskriakov 32 7 2016-07-01 Switzerland Bribery, Compliance, Corruption, Detention, Disclosure, Policy/Directives
Know Your Customer/Risk Management Procedures Against Terrorist Cross-Border Finances: Lessons From Russia-Chechen Conflict The political contradiction of “one man’s freedom fighter is another man’s terrorist” is very much evident in the international terrorism aspect of Russia-Chechen conflict. While the U.S.... Timur Sunraya & Mikhail Mariah 18 6 2002-06-01 Russia Due Diligence, Terrorism
Some Aspects of Cross-Border Debt-Recovery in the Former Soviet Union International debt recovery is aimed towards the recovery of debts regardless of locations of debts and debtors. It is still widely presumed in the West that the legal remedies for recovery of... Timur Sinuraya and Svetlana Tulaykova 20 3 2004-03-01 Russia Asset Forfeiture
Internationally Perceived Threat of Russian Insurance Fraud and Business Risk Management With the increase of the Russian insurance market international exposure, participants (insurance and re-insurance companies and brokers) are being confronted by wide-spread suspicion about the... Timur Sinuraya 21 5 2005-05-01 Russia Fraud
Western Accounting Standards with Regard to the Enforcement of Anti-Corruption Laws on the Russian Corporate Landscape Following the adoption of Convention on Combating Bribery of Foreign Public Officials in International Business Transactions of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), which... Timur Sinuraya 16 2 2000-02-01 Russia Corruption
Russia?s KFM is an Intelligence Services Barely a month after the exclusion of Russia from the FATF ?black list? of cooperative countries, it is becoming clear that Russia has managed to create a viable financial intelligence system. It... Timur Sinuraya 19 3 2003-03-01 Russia Money Laundering, Bank Secrecy, International Organizations
Dutch-Registered Bank Implicated in Suharto Money Laundering Scam According to the information provided by the Dutch media group NCRV on 6 November 2000, the Dutch-registered Indover Bank has been implicated in transactions, resulting in the loss of large sums of... Timur Sinuraya 17 1 2001-01-01 Netherlands, Indonesia Money Laundering, Corruption
Cross-border Legitimacy Aspects of the Russian Tax Minimization Insurance Schemes In the beginning of 2005 the Russian Revenue Authorities (FNS) launched another wave of due diligence examinations of the insurance companies that use so-called "gray schemes" to minimize taxation... Timur Sinuraya 21 5 2005-05-01 Russia Taxation, Fraud
Investigation Of Russo-West Illicit Transactions: The Issues Of Financial Information Confidentiality And Legitimate Expectations : Between 1993-1997, under the pre-text of the "Russian Mafia" threat, the Dutch police’s special Eastern European crime task force tried to accomplish the so called “inventarization” (taking... Timur Sinuraya 15 9 1999-09-01 World, Russia Asset Forfeiture