E.g., 2023-12
Title Abstract Author Volume Issue Date Publishedsort ascending Geographic Identifier Subject Areas
European Court Rules Luxembourg Conviction Violated Article 10 Rights On February 14, 2023,  in Halet v Luxembourg, the European Court of Human rights overturned the conviction of Raphael Halet, a former employee of PwC (PriceWaterhouseCoopers.)[1]  Halet... Linda Friedman Ramirez 39 3 2023-02-27 Belgium, Spain European Court of Human Rights, Human Rights, Whistle-blowing
IOSCO Gains Momentum in Enacting Cryptocurrency Regulation Plan On February 16, 2023, GBBC Digital Finance (GDF), the largest digital asset industry association, announced they are becoming an Affiliate Member of the International Organization of Securities... Alex Mostaghimi 39 3 2023-02-24 Financial Crimes, Financial Enforcement, Financial Supervision, International Cooperation
U.S. Will Share Almost $1 Million in Funds Forfeited from Former Bayelsa Governor with Nigeria On February 16, 2023, the United States Department of Justice announced that it is sharing approximately $954,807  with the government of the Federal republic of Nigeria pursuant to an... Bruce Zagaris 39 3 2023-02-24 Nigeria, United States Corruption, Freezing of Assets
EU Court Clarifies the Grounds for Refusal of EAW in the Case of the Catalan Exiles in Belgium On January 31, 2023, the Court of Justice of the European Union, Grand Chamber, (the Court or CJEU) delivered a judgment in a politically sensitive case concerning the surrender of Catalan exile... Michael Plachta 39 3 2023-02-24 Belgium, Spain European Union, Warrants
European Parliament Adopts Resolutions on Reforms Prompted by the Qatargate On February 16, 2023, the European Parliament adopted two resolutions on the issue of transparency and integrity in EU decision-making. MEPs are asking for more reforms, building on the ones... Michael Plachta 39 3 2023-02-24 Europe European Union, Regulation, Transparency, Whistle-blowing
U.S. Arrests Four Florida Men in Conspiracy to Murder Former Haitian President  On February 14, 2023, U.S. federal law enforcement arrested three U.S. citizens and a legal permanent resident living in Florida pursuant to criminal complaints on charges concerning their... Bruce Zagaris 39 3 2023-02-17 Haiti Assassination, Conspiracy
United States and Cuba Restart Law Enforcement Dialogue On January 18-19, 2023, United States and Cuban officials met in Havana to discuss subjects of bilateral interest on law enforcement matters under the U.S.-Cuba Law Enforcement Dialogue.[1... Bruce Zagaris 39 2 2023-02-17 Cuba, United States International Cooperation
China Amends Wildlife Protection Law On December 30, 2022, the National People’s Congress of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) published the amended Wildlife Protection Law (WPL) in its final form.  At least two... Bruce Zagaris 39 2 2023-02-17 China Wildlife, Wildlife Smuggle, Witness Protection
Europol and Eurojust Collaborate in Breaking International Sex-Trafficking Ring On February 8, 2023, Europol and Eurojust announced the successful dismantling of an international sex-trafficking ring that held hundreds of Chinese women held through debt bondage across Europe.... Bruce Zagaris 39 2 2023-02-10 China, European Union, Europe Eurojust, Europol, Human Rights, Organized Crime
Haiti Transfers Additional Four Persons to the U.S. on Charges of Conspiring to Kill Haitian President On January 31, 2023, United States authorities transferred from detention in Haiti four men to face criminal charges in the U.S. District Court in the Southern District of Florida concerning their... Bruce Zagaris 39 2 2023-02-10 Haiti Assassination, Conspiracy
European Court Allows Admissibility of the Case of Ukraine and the Netherlands Against Russia On January 25, 2023, the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights delivered its much-anticipated decision on jurisdiction and admissibility in the interstate case of Ukraine and the... Michael Plachta 39 2 2023-02-03 Netherlands, Russia, Ukraine Administration of Justice, European Court of Human Rights, Jurisdiction
U.S. Arrests and Charges British and Russian Businessmen for Sanctions Evasion of Oligarch’s Yacht On January 20, 2023, the United States Department of Justice announced the unsealing of separate indictments against two businessmen, Vladislav Osipov, 51, a Russian national, and Richard Masters,... Bruce Zagaris 39 2 2023-02-03 Russia, United Kingdom Arrest, Indictment, Money Laundering, Sanctions
Wagner Group Designated as Transnational Organized Crime Group by Treasury On January 26, 2023, the U.S. Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) designated PMC Wagner, commonly known as the Wagner Group, as a significant transnational criminal... Alex Mostaghimi 39 2 2023-02-03 Russia, United States Mercenaries, Money Laundering, Sanctions, U.S. Federal Government
U.S., Europol and 12 Other Countries Take Down Hive Ransomware Infrastructure On January 26, 2023, the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) and Europol announced, with cooperation from twelve other governments, they have disrupted the Hive ransomware group that has... Bruce Zagaris 39 2 2023-02-03 United States Cybercrime, Europol
Council of Europe Adopts a Resolution on the Legal Accountability of Russia for Aggression Against Ukraine At its 7th sitting on January 26, 2023, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) has adopted its Resolution 2482 (2023) entitled Legal and human rights aspects of the Russian... Michael Plachta 39 2 2023-02-03 Russia, Ukraine Council of the European Union, International Crimes, International Criminal Tribunal, Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE)
Council of Europe Acts on Former Foreign Terrorist Fighters Returning to Europe At its second sitting on January 23, 2023, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE, Assembly) adopted a resolution and recommendation addressing a complicated and multidimensional... Michael Plachta 39 2 2023-02-03 European Union, Syria International Courts, Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE)
Bolivia Held Responsible in Forced Disappearance Case and Ordered to Release Archived Military Documents On  January 20th, 2023, the Bolivian government was found responsible for the forced disappearance of Juan Carlos Flores Bedregal and found in violation of human rights laws for withholding... Savannah Telfer 39 2 2023-02-03 Bolivia Human Rights
New FATF Report on Suriname Shows Much Work Is Required At the end of January, the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force (CFATF) issued the 4th Mutual Evaluation Report on Suriname.  The 426-page report (MER) shows many gaps remain and much work... Bruce Zagaris 39 2 2023-02-03 Suriname Financial Enforcement, Financial Supervision
The Halkbank Case: Are Sovereign Owned Enterprises Immune From Prosecution? On January 17, 2023, the Supreme Court heard argument in Halkbank v. United States, Dkt. No. 21-1450.  That argument confirmed two things: the issue before the Court is very consequential, and... Fred Davis 39 2 2023-01-27 Turkey, United States Immunity, Money Laundering
European Parliament Calls for the Establishment of a Tribunal on the Crime of Aggression Against Ukraine On January 19, 2023, the European Parliament adopted a resolution on the establishment of a tribunal on the crime of aggression against Ukraine. The resolution addresses a specific aspect of a way... Michael Plachta 39 2 2023-01-27 Russia, Ukraine Crimes against Humanity, European Union, International Courts, International Crimes, International Criminal Court, International Criminal Tribunal