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Europol and EU Countries Cooperate in Arrests of Illegal Immigration Network Suspects On May 22, 2013, the law enforcement authorities of the UK, France, and Germany, working in cooperation with Europol, arrested 18 people suspected of being part of an organized illegal immigration... Sara Hefny 29 9 2013-09-01 European Union, Europe, France, Germany, United Kingdom Eurojust, European Union, Europol, Immigration, International Cooperation
International Enforcement Cooperation Leads to Arrest of Chinese INTERPOL Red Notice Subject in Korea One of China’s most wanted criminals has been arrested in Seoul following months of intelligence work and operational cooperation between the INTERPOL National Central Bureaus (NCBs) in Seoul and... Sara Hefny 29 12 2016-08-03 China, South Korea INTERPOL, Intelligence, International Cooperation, Law Enforcement, Organized Crime
Police and Activist Cooperation in Togo Results in Arrest of Major Ivory Trafficker A major arrest in Togo on August 9, 2013 marked a big step for dismantling ivory traffickers across Africa. Togolese shopkeeper Emile N'bouke, 58, is believed to have been involved in the ivory... Sara Hefny 29 11 2013-11-01 Hong Kong, Nigeria, Togo Endangered Species, Environment, International Cooperation, Wildlife, Wildlife Smuggle
Extradition of Chechen Man Detained in Ukraine Delayed Due to ECRH Appeal A Chechen man accused of plotting to assassinate Russian President Vladimir Putin, has been detained in Ukraine after being arrested in the city of Odessa in February 2012[2]. Sara Hefny 28 11 2012-11-01 Russia, Ukraine Extradition, Human Rights
Europol Investigation of Match Fixing in Soccer Reveals Widespread Corruption An investigation led by Europol and police teams from several European countries, including Germany, Finland, Hungary, Austria, and Slovenia, has revealed ongoing criminal activity in the world of... Sara Hefny 29 4 2013-04-01 Austria, European Union, Europe, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Singapore, Slovenia Corruption, Europol, International Gaming
German Fugitive Wanted for Defrauding Investors of Over $100 Million Captured in Las Vegas   What began as a drunken-driving case in Las Vegas has led to the arrest of a fugitive who had been on the run for over five years[2]. Ulrich Felix Anton Engler, a German national, is wanted in... Sara Hefny 28 10 2012-10-01 Austria, European Union, Europe, Germany, Switzerland, United States Charged with Crimes, Customs Enforcement, Deportation, Financial Crimes, Fraud, Fugitive, INTERPOL
Drone Technology Latest Weapon in Fight Against Elephant Poachers With Kenya facing its most serious poaching threat in over 25 years, its authorities are stepping up efforts to protect the declining Kenya wildlife which attracts over $1 billion a year in tourism... Sara Hefny 30 1 2016-08-10 Congo, Kenya, Uganda Environment, Wildlife, Wildlife Smuggle
Appeal by Senator Prompts France to Create Task Force For Returning Nazi-Looted Artwork to Rightful Owners Following an appeal by Senator Corinne Bouchoux, the French government has initiated a search for the Jewish owners of the 2,000 thousand or so pieces of art that had been looted by the Nazis during... Sara Hefny 29 5 2013-05-01 France Cultural Property
Egypt Court Rules Against Extradition of Qaddafi Cousin and Ex-Aide, Libya to Appeal On April 3, 2013, an Egyptian court ruled against the extradition of a cousin and former close aide of Muammer el-Qaddafi. Ahmed al-Dam is wanted in Libya on corruption charges and was taken into... Sara Hefny 29 6 2013-06-01 Egypt, Libya, Qatar, United Kingdom Extradition
INTERPOL and IFAW Sign Memorandum of Understanding to Fight Wildlife Crime On May 22, 2013, two major international organizations took an important step forward in fighting wildlife crime, as INTERPOL and the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) signed a memorandum... Sara Hefny 29 8 2013-08-01 Africa INTERPOL, Wildlife
Shahin, Ex-Chief Executive of Deyaar, Deported from Yemen After Fleeing UAE On Bail After going on hunger strike in May 2012 and released on $1.4 billion bail in July, Zack Shahin, the former chief executive of Dubai-based company Deyaar, fled the UAE and was detained in Sanaa,... Sara Hefny 28 11 2012-11-01 United Arab Emirates, United States, Yemen Deportation, Detention, Embezzlement, Extradition
U.N. Human Rights Council Approves Inquiry into Sri Lanka Civil War Crimes A resolution, led by the United States and approved by the U.N. Human Rights Council (UNHRC), the United Nations’ top human rights body launches an investigation into Sri Lanka’s civil... Sara Hefny 30 7 2014-07-01 Sri Lanka Crimes against Humanity, Human Rights
Destruction of Six Tons of Ivory Signals China’s Willingness to Aid in Elephant Conservation In a statement to the world, China, the world’s biggest consumer of illegal ivory, crushed six tons of ivory tusks and carved ornaments in public on January 6, 2014.[2] The event signaled... Sara Hefny 30 3 2014-03-01 China, Gabon, Kenya, Philippines Environment, Wildlife
Chinese Man Sentenced in Kenyan Court for Ivory Smuggling On January 28, 2014, a Kenyan court sentenced a Chinese man to pay a 20 million shilling ($233,100) fine or otherwise face seven years in jail for ivory smuggling. This conviction is the first since... Sara Hefny 30 4 2016-08-10 China, Kenya Endangered Species, Environment, Wildlife, Wildlife Smuggle
Tiger Summit Brings New Focus to Conservation and Enforcement Strategies On November 21-24, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and the Government of the Russian Federation hosted the International Forum for Tiger Conservation in St. Petersburg during the Year of the Tiger on... Sara Harr 27 3 2011-03-01 China, India, Russia, United States, World Wildlife, Wildlife Smuggle, World Bank
OECD Drafts Guidelines for Reducing Conflicts in Mineral Supply Chain On September 29-30, 2010, the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR) in Africa and the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) held a Consultation on... Sara Harr 27 1 2011-01-01 Africa, OECD Terrorism, Smuggle, Economic Crimes, Trade Crimes, Regulation, Oversight
Switzerland: New Standards on the Exchange of Tax-Related Information In the spring of 2009 the names and account information of 285 US citizens holding undeclared accounts with UBS in Switzerland were handed over to the US tax authorities. At the same time, judicial... Sandrine Giroud and Simone Nadelhofer 28 1 2012-01-01 European Union, Switzerland, United States OECD, Offshore Banking, Sovereignty, Tax Crimes, Tax Enforcement, Tax Havens
Swiss Government Freezing of Egyptian Assets: The Swiss Practice Regarding Assets of Politically Exposed People of Presumed Illicit Origin On February 11, 2011, upon former Egyptian President Hosni Moubarak’s resignation, the Swiss government decided to freeze, with immediate effect, all of his assets in Switzerland, as well as assets... Sandrine Giroud 27 4 2011-04-01 Egypt, Switzerland Asset Forfeiture, Asset Seizure
European Convention on Human Rights Violated by Switzerland The European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, France, as the highest forum to enforce the European Convention on Human Rights decided a significant Swiss case on October 21, 1986. Sabine Dauner 2 3 1987-02-01 Switzerland European Court of Human Rights
Holding U.S. Officials Accountable For Torture and Other Abuses   On January 27, 2012, Human Rights USA and the American University Washington College of Law International Human Rights Clinic, held a panel discussion and released a joint report titled “... Ryan McClurg 28 4 2012-04-01 United States Crimes against Humanity, Interrogation, Investigation, Torture