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International Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia Overturns Convictions of 2 Croatian Generals             On November 16, 2012, the Appeals Chamber of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia reversed by majority the convictions of Ante Gotovina and Mladen Markac for... 2016-08-03 Former Yugoslavia Crimes against Humanity, Criminal Procedure/Proceedings, International Criminal Tribunal, Law of War
Mexico Arrests and Will Try Mexicans for Rape and Murder of Texas Teenagers On October 22, 1992, Mexican official arrested and charged Porfirio Villa Saavedra, 23, and Alberto Cortez, 28, with premeditated murder for the grisly murders that shocked Austin, Texas in December... 8 10 1992-10-01 Mexico, United States Arrest, Extradition, International Cooperation, Murder, Prosecution, Rape
Inter-American Convention on Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters Progresses On June 7, 1991, the General Assembly of the Organization of American States recommended that the Draft American Convention on Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters be forwarded to the governments of... 7 7 1991-07-01 World Mutual Legal Assistance
Bar Panel Considers U.S. Extradition Policy and Whether Corrective Legislation Is Needed in the Aftermath of Alvarez-Machain Case to Regularize Rendition Policies On October 28, 1992, several bar committees sponsored a lively discussion on U.S. extradition policy in the aftermath of the case of U.S. v. Alvarez-Machain. Ralph G. Steinhardt, Associate Professor... 8 11 1992-11-01 United States Extradition, Human Rights, International Criminal and Comparative Law, Kidnaping, Legislation, Prosecution, Sovereignty, Treaties
27 European Governments Agree on Enforcement Action to Curb and Penalize Illegal Migration On October 31, at the conclusion of a two-day meeting in Berlin, the ministers of interior and justice of twenty-seven governments, including all twelve European Community countries, Switzerland,... 7 11 1991-11-01 Europe Immigration, International Cooperation, International Organizations
Noriega Convicted on Eight of Ten Counts On April 9, 1992, a jury of nine women and three men found Manuel Antonio Noriega guilty of eight of ten counts of racketeering and drug trafficking. U.S. District Judge William M. Hoeveler set... 8 4 1992-04-01 Panama, United States Bribery, Conspiracy, Drugs & Trafficking, Money Laundering, Organized Crime, Prosecution, Racketeering/RICO
Bolivia and Chile Sign Bilateral Narcotics Cooperation Agreement On November 6, 1992, the Chilean and Bolivian Government signed a bilateral narcotics enforcement cooperation agreement, signaling the first agreement between the two governments for 30 years, since... 8 10 1992-12-01 Bolivia, Chile Drug Enforcement, Drugs & Trafficking, International Cooperation, Law Enforcement
Argentine Government Wins Another Round in Its Efforts to Enforce Its Tax Claims Against Firestone The efforts of the Argentine Government to enforce its tax claims against the Argentine subsidiary of Firestone Tire and Rubber Company received a boost when an Argentine court upheld its tax... 7 10 1991-10-01 Argentina, Japan, United States Asset Seizure, Fraud, Jurisdiction
Criminal Magisterial Bench Book to Provide Guidance for Magistrates  The Criminal Magisterial Bench Book, the first of its kind in the region, is an initiative of the Judicial Reform and Institutional Strengthening (JURIST) Project. The Bench Book project, which... 2018-07-06 International Courts
ICC and Dutch Government Return Witnesses to Congo, Rejecting Asylum Claims                 On June 27, 2014, after a long procedure involving both the ICC and the authorities of the Netherlands, the Dutch Council of State decided to return three witnesses to the Democratic... 2016-08-10 Netherlands Asylum, International Criminal Court, Legal Ethics, Witness Protection
4TH Circuit Agrees to Hear Emoluments Suit En Banc and Trump Announces and then Retracts Announcement His Hotel Will Host the G7 Meeting On October 15, 2019, the United States Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit agreed to rehear en banc the emoluments lawsuit brought by the attorneys general of Maryland and the... 2019-10-25 G-8 member countries
Bibliography The bibliography of books, articles and documents on international criminal and enforcement law is a quarterly feature. The next insertion will be in the September issues…[more] 8 7 1992-07-01 World Bibliography
Britain Presses Tax Assessment Against Nissan U.K. On August 2, 1992, the British Inland Revenue issued estimated assessments for unpaid tax of £237.6 million against Nissan, UK, the former British distributor of Nissan vehicles controlled Mr. Octav... 8 8 1992-08-01 United Kingdom Prosecution, Tax Crimes, Tax Enforcement, Taxation
Poland and German Sign Agreement on International Criminal Cooperation On November 6, 1991, the Governments of Poland and Germany signed an agreement to cooperate in combatting organized crime, drug traffic, terrorism, and trafficking in illegal immigrants,. 8 1 1992-01-01 Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Poland Adjective Enforcement
Bibliography of Books, Articles and Documents The bibliography of books articles and documents on international criminal and enforcement law is a quarterly feature. The next insertion will be in the December issues…[more] 8 10 1992-10-01 World Bibliography
Paraguay Asks The U.S. to Extradite an Ex-Ambassador The Paraguayan Government has requested that the United States extradite Uruguayan citizen Gustavo Gramont Bereres, the ex-Ambassador of dictator Alfredo Stroessner in Geneva. Mr. Gramont is accused... 7 7 1991-07-01 Paraguay, United States, Uruguay Extradition
U.S. Supreme Court Orders Swiss Bank to Turn Over Bank Records of Panamanian Subsidiary in Criminal Tax Case On February 24, the United States Supreme Court ordered the Union Bank of Switzerland to turn over bank records in the possession of its Panamanian subsidiary. In doing so, the Court rejected the... 8 3 1992-03-01 Switzerland, United States Bank Secrecy, International Law, Investigation, Sanctions, Tax Crimes
Panama Rejects U.S. Extradition for Colombian Drug Trafficker Panamanian Attorney General Rogelio Cruz rejected a U.S. extradition request against Ramon Tejada Alvarez, known as ‘El Viejo’, a Colombian citizen who is wanted by the U.S. government on charges of... 8 11 1992-11-01 Panama, United States Deportation, Drug Enforcement, Drugs & Trafficking, Extradition, Investigation, Prosecution
Isle of Man Financial Services Act Progresses Towards Enactment and Will Provide Strict Regulation for Non-Resident Offshore Companies A Financial Services ACt modeled on the U.K. Financial Services Act is moving towards enactment sometime in 1992.  The bill will require non-resident companies to obtain a license and would enable... 7 9 1991-09-01 Isle of Man Financial Enforcement, Financial Supervision, Offshore Banking
U.K. Plans to Restrict Asylum Law Following a worldwide trend, the United Kingdom Government has announced controversial plans to amend its asylum law and restrict the ability to obtain asylum. One of the means by which it will... 7 11 1991-11-01 United Kingdom Asylum, Immigration