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Two Separate Europol Coordinated Operations Thwart International Cybercriminal Groups On December 15-16, 2015 a Europol coordinated operation, with the help of law enforcement agencies in Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany and he UK, against the cybercriminal group DD4BC led to... Robert Williams 32 1 2016-01-22 Moldova, Netherlands, Romania, United Kingdom Cybercrime, Data Sharing, Europol, INTERPOL, International Cooperation, International Crimes, Law Enforcement
Nigerian Recovery of Billions in Stolen Funds Lauded While Critics Demand Expedited Reforms On June 4, 2016, the Nigerian Federal Ministry of Information and Culture announced the government recovered looted assets and funds totaling $9.1 billion in President Mahammadu Buhari’s first year... Robert Williams 32 6 2016-06-17 Nigeria, United Kingdom Adjective Enforcement, Asset Forfeiture, Asset Seizure, Bribery, Civil Rights Organizations, Compliance, Conferences, Corruption, Criminal Procedure/Proceedings, Disclosure, Fraud, Freezing of Assets, Information Exchange, International Cooperation, International Crimes, Policy/Directives, Political Leaders, Transparency
International Community Found to be Lax in Identifying and Returning Nazi Looted Art On September 10, 2014 a comprehensive report by the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany and the World Jewish Restitution Organization (WJRO) was published, reviewing the progress... Robert Williams 30 12 2014-10-22 Italy, Poland International Convention, International Cooperation
Sudanese President Evades Arrest on ICC Arrest Warrant Defying South African Court Ruling On June 15, 2015, Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir arrived safely back in Khartoum in defiance of a South African court order, directing him to remain in the country, pending disposition of the... Robert Williams 31 6 2015-06-19 South Africa, Sudan Comparative and International Law, Compliance, Court Conviction, Crimes against Humanity, Human Rights, International Convention, International Cooperation, International Courts, International Crimes, International Criminal Court, International Law, Investigation, Jurisdiction, Law Enforcement, Lawsuits, Political Leaders, Political Strife, Prosecution, Sovereignty
International Community Found to be Lax in Identifying and Returning Nazi Looted Art                 On September 10, 2014 a comprehensive report by the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany and the World Jewish Restitution Organization (WJRO) was published, reviewing... Robert Williams 30 13 2016-08-10 Europe Art and Cultural Property, Cultural Property, Holocaust
European Leaders Struggle to Find Remedies following the Mediterranean’s Worse Migrant Shipwreck On April 19, 2015 a large overcrowded migrant vessel in the Mediterranean between the Libyan coast and the Italian island of Lampedusa capsized resulting in the death of up to 1,000 migrants – making... Robert Williams 31 4 2015-04-29 Italy, Libya Adjective Enforcement, Arrest, Border Security, Comparative and International Law, Council of the European Union, Data Sharing, Deportation, Detention, European Commission, European Union, Evidence Gathering, Human Rights, Human Trafficking, Immigration, International Cooperation, Investigation, Maritime, Political Leaders, Political Strife, Smuggle, United Nations
Swiss Supreme Court Rules On Judicial Assistance Request In Insider Trading Case The Swiss Supreme Court in Lausanne dismissed an administrative appeal by Pechiney Corp., the US-subsidiary of Pechiney S.A. in France, against the order of the Swiss federal policy authority to... Robert Niedermeier 6 8 1990-08-01 Switzerland White Collar Crime
International Criminal Defense Seminar Held in London An International Criminal Defense Seminar was held in London, England at the Imperial College of Science and Technology on July 20-21, 1987. Robert L. Pisani 3 11 1987-11-01 United Kingdom Adjective Assistance, Research, Teaching
U.S. v. Davis (2d Cir. 1985) Davis was convicted of 11 counts arising out of his involvement in a kickback scheme between his company, Frigitemp, and General Dynamics Corportation.  In appealing his conviction, Davis contended,... Robert L. Pisani 1 4 1985-12-01 United States White Collar Crime
Reply to Professor Kavass by Dr. Robert A. Friedlander The Panamian Constiution of 1983 was sent to me in typescript by the U.S. Department of State. Robert A. Friedlander 6 2 1990-02-01 United States Extradition
Defending a Criminal Case with International Human Rights Law Any defense lawyer knows that the battle for application of a substantive right is won only after overcoming significant procedural barriers to its invocation. Application of treaty provisions is no... Richard Wilson 16 9 2000-09-01 United States Human Rights, Treaties
Defending a Criminal Case With International Human Rights Law International human rights law has come home to the United States.  Recently, the Supreme Court, federal appellate and district courts, and state courts have begun grappling with the application of... Richard J. Wilson 16 8 2000-08-01 World Human Rights
Spanish Criminal Prosecutions Use International Human Rights Law to Battle Impunity in Chile and Argentina On March 28, 1996, Spanish prosecutors, later joined by private citizens, filed criminal charges of genocide and terrorism against former military leaders of Argentina and their collaborators. The... Richard J. Wilson 13 2 1997-02-01 Spain, Chile, Argentina Human Rights, Immunity, Terrorism, Genocide
Prisoner Transfer Treaties: the Year in Review According to the official State Department figures, in 1992, 2,878 U.S. citizens were arrested abroad. This was a 5.6% drop from the 1991 total of 3,050. However, these figures do not reflect the... Richard D. Atkins, Esq. 10 1 1994-01-01 World, United States Transfer of Prisoners, Prisoner Rights, Treaties, Drug Enforcement, Arrest
Inter-American Court Finds Honduras Guilty of Disappearance On July 29, 1988, the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (hereafter the "Court") in a far-reaching opinion ruled in favor of Juan Manfredo Velasquez Rodriguez, ordering payment of damages by the... Ricardo Martinez Tanoira and Bruce Zagaris 4 8 1988-08-01 Honduras Human Rights
Federal Court Grants Extradition Request for Argentine General On April 27, 1988, the District Court of California granted the Extradition of respondent Carlos Guillermo Suarez Mason. Ricardo Martinez Tanoira and Bruce Zagaris 4 6 1988-06-01 Argentina Extradition
Congressional Subcommittee Investigates Drug Trafficking for Assisting Contras On July 28, 1988, the Subcommittee on Crime House Committee on the Judiciary held an oversight hearing on the "Enforcement of Federal Narcotics, Money Laundering and Firearms Laws."  It represented... Ricardo Martinez Tanoira 4 8 1988-08-01 United States Drugs & Trafficking
House Considers International Narcotics Control Report On March 3, 1988, the Task Force on International Narcotics Control of the House Foreign Affairs Committee held its first hearing to review the worldwide narcotics situation.  Reinahrd Hasenpflug and Rudolph Siebel 4 3 1988-03-01 United States Drug Enforcement
Update on German Export Control Legislation The concern of the German and American public as well as Congress and the German Parliament about the Libya affair has accelerated the German legislative actions concerning export controls of... Regine Nowack and Bruce Zagaris 5 6 1989-06-01 Germany Export Enforcement
African Countries And U.S. Interior Department Increase Enforcement Against and May Criminalize Ivory Trading Three convergent developments are increasing pressure against and beginning even to criminalize international ivory trading.  On May 11, 1989, the Kenya Government called for a worldwide ban for... Regine Nowack and Bruce Zagaris 5 5 1989-05-01 Africa Environment