E.g., 2020-08
Title Abstract Author Volumesort ascending Issue Date Published Geography Subject Areas
Dubai Arrests Organized Crime Figure on Request of the Dutch On December 16, 2019, the Dutch police announced that Dubai police have arrested the suspected head of a cocaine trafficking gang and the most wanted man in the Netherlands.   Dubai... Bruce Zagaris 36 1 2019-12-25 Drugs & Trafficking
EUROPOL Starts European Financial and Economic Crime Center On June 5, 2020, Europol started the new European Financial and Economic Crime Center (EFECC).  The European Union Anti-money Laundering Action Report[1] mentioned the start of the... Bruce Zagaris 36 6 2020-06-12 International Crimes, Money Laundering
J5 Chiefs Conduct First Coordinated Tax Enforcement Actions Arising from Investigations into a Central American Financial Institution On January 23, 2020, the members of the Joint Chiefs of Global Tax Enforcement (J5) announced its first coordinated set of enforcement actions undertaken on a global scale on the... Bruce Zagaris 36 2 2020-01-27 Tax Enforcement
European Parliament Releases a Study on the Implementation of the European Arrest Warrant In June, 2020, the European Parliament released a report authored by Wouter van Ballegooij on the implementation of the European Arrest Warrant (EAW), EU’s “flagship instrument”... Michael Plachta 36 7 2020-07-09 Arrest, Crimes, Cross-Border Communication
EU Revises its List of Non-Cooperative Jurisdictions for Tax Purposes On February 18, 2020, the European Council adopted revised conclusions on the EU list of non-cooperative jurisdictions for tax purposes.  Besides the eight jurisdictions on the list, the EU... Bruce Zagaris 36 3 2020-02-29
New Weapon of Choice? Foreign Tax Authority Armed with Letters Rogatory Goes After U.S. Tax Fraud Scheme             In the past, it has been notoriously difficult for foreign tax authorities to go directly after U.S. persons who are or were involved in fraudulent tax... Mitchell Beebe and Bruce Zagaris 36 8 2020-07-30 Fraud
In Light of COVID-19, China Institutes a Ban Wild Animal Consumption that has Skeptics Criticizing Efficacy On February 24, 2020, China announced a sweeping controversial national ban on wild animal consumption. However, critics of the “Comprehensively Prohibiting the Illegal Trade of Wild Animals... Esther Bouquet 36 4 2020-03-28
Trump Administration Designates Russian White Supremacist Group as “Terrorists” On Monday, April 6, 2020, the Trump administration designated the Russian Imperial Movement (RIM), an ultranationalist white supremacist group, as a terrorist organization on the Office of Foreign... Alexandra Haris 36 4 2020-04-18 Terrorism
SNC-Lavalin Pleads Guilty to Corruption-Related Fraud On December 18, 2019, SNC-Lavalin Group Inc. settled criminal charges concerning the work it did in Libya with its construction division, pleading guilty to one count of fraud and ending a long-... Bruce Zagaris 36 1 2020-12-27 Fraud
DOJ Issues Revised Guidance on Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs             On June 1, 2020, the Department of Justice (DOJ) issued a revision of its guidance on the Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs.[1] The Guidance sets... Bruce Zagaris 36 6 2020-06-12 Regulation
Former Mexican Secretary of Public Security Charged with Drug Trafficking On December 9, 2019, Genaro Garcia Luna, former Secretary of Public Security under President Felipe Calderon from 2006 to 2012, was arrested in Dallas, Texas. His indictment, released the next day... Esther Bouquet 36 2 2020-02-01 Drugs & Trafficking
Trump Administration Orders Sanctions to be Imposed on Syria’s Bashar Al-Assad, His Family, and His Associates On June 17, 2020, the Trump Administration imposed new sanctions on the Syrian government, led by President Bashar al-Assad. The sanctions are intended to prevent private and foreign... Julia V. Brock 36 7 2020-07-10 Sanctions
Panama Papers Investigation Yields Guilty Plea from Prior U.S. Taxpayer On February 18, 2020, a former U.S. resident and taxpayer who was charged along with three other individuals in connection with a decades-long criminal scheme perpetrated by Mossack Fonseca &... Bruce Zagaris 36 3 2020-02-29
IACHR Finds U.S. Responsible for Torture and Refoulement of Guantanamo Detainee On April 22, 2020, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) found the United States responsible for violating the human rights of Djamel Ameziane, a former detainee at the Guant... Michael Plachta 36 8 2020-07-30 Torture
U.S. Court Approves Extradition to Bosnia and Herzegovina for Rape Charges During War On March 23, 2020, U.S. Magistrate Judge Patricia Cohen in the U.S. District Court in St. Louis approved a request to extradite a man to Bosnia to face a war crime charge.[1] According to the... Bruce Zagaris 36 4 2020-03-28
European Court of Justice Opines Bulgarian Non-Convicted Based Forfeiture Is Lawful On March 19, 2020, the European Court of Justice (ECJ), acting on  a request for a preliminary ruling from the Sofia City Court, Bulgaria, ruled that European Union (EU) law does not... Bruce Zagaris 36 4 2020-04-25 European Union
World Bank Debars Manufacturing Company for Fraud Involving Water Project On April 29, 2020, The World Bank debarred a manufacturing company, Mega-Mebiko JV LLC, for fraud involving the Syrdarya Water Project. Mega-Mebiko JV LLC, located in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, is a... Esther Bouquet 36 5 2020-05-23 World Bank
U.K. Extradites Found and CEO of Iranian Financial Services Firm to the U.S. On May 18, 2020, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) announced the unsealing of a six-count indictment against Seyed Sajjad Shahidian, 33, Vahid Vali, 33, and PAYMENT24 for engaging in financial... Bruce Zagaris 36 5 2020-05-23 Fraud
GOLD LAUNDERING: THE DIRTY SECRETS OF THE GOLD TRADE – AND HOW TO CLEAN UP by Mark Pieth (Elster & Salis Ag, 2019, 299 pp.) The book gives a critical look at international efforts to regulate the gold supply chain, including soft law and self-regulation.  The book shows the international community has not yet... Bruce Zagaris 36 1 2020-12-28 Book Review
Vanuatu Sends Alleged Art Swindler to Guam on U.S. Fraud Charges                 On June 11, 2020, United States law enforcement agents arrested Inigo Philbrick, an art dealer specializing in post-war and contemporary fine... Bruce Zagaris 36 6 2020-06-20 Crimes, Cultural Property, Fraud